Two apartments are available for short-term rent with all main equipment. They can be rented out for a week, a weekend or for one night, you can choose to have the beds made-up or you can bring your own sleeping bag.
The apartments have wireless internet connection and other services are within walking distance.

A stay for a week  in Víðihóll apartments gives you the opportunity to really experience the local way of living.


Because of the location, Kópasker is an ideal choice for those who want to see natural wonders in North-east Iceland and visit places like Melrakkaslétta, Langanes, Ásbyrgi or Dettifoss. In this area there is a large number of bird species, many hiking trails, trout fishing, museums and exhibitions. Further information: (+354) 869 8166 / valholl@kopasker.is

Verslunin Bakki ehf • 670 Kópasker • valholl@kopasker.is • Sími 869 8166 • kt: 691099-3939
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